Essential Report Writing Skills for Managers

2 Days

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January 16, 2017
Two Days


Lazarus Bale Sibanda
Business Executive (Human Capability Development Solutions)


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Report Writing plays a very important role in the professional life of any manager, yet many a manager lack the skills to write captivating reports that meet the expectations of their superiors. Failure to write reports in the right style, language and detail can result in frustration, wastage of time and resources, and failure to achieve organisational goals and objectives. Poor reports block the smooth flow of critical business management information.

At a personal level, the ability to produce good reports can boost self-esteem as it is not only a manifestation of expertise in communication, but is most often taken as a sign of the writer’s clarity of mind and general intelligence.

Workshop Objectives

By the end of the workshop participants should be able to:

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of the communication process and what can go wrong in it.
  2. Distinguish between the different types of reports and how they should be presented.
  3. Demonstrate an appreciation of the User and the format in which they want their reports.
  4. Produce reports that are readable, clear, smart, and fit-for-purpose.
  5. Use statistical techniques and visuals to support their narrative reports.
  6. Perform simple calculations that demonstrate an understanding of some project appraisal methods based on mathematical decision-making theory.
  7. Demonstrate acceptable e-mail etiquette.


Two full days.


Mandel Training Centre or Client’s premises


At Mandel – $75 per delegate per day (this fee includes lunch and three teas).
At Client’s Venue – $55 per delegate per day.

2017 Course Dates
First course

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