PA Excellence Master Class

5 Days

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March 20, 2017
Five (5) Days


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“Whatever got you to where you are, will not be enough to take you where you ought to be”

This PA Excellence Master Class is designed to enable you to take charge of your professional and personal development. You will be informed, stimulated and inspired to competently and confidently deal with today’s modern challenges both on and off the job.

At a time when organisations are concentrating on improving efficiencies and increasing productivity, managers find themselves challenged to function in ways that yield a good return for the organisation.

To achieve this objective, managers need to invest in training and developing their staff, especially Secretaries, to be competent, effective and efficient.

A secretary is considered to be the boss’s ‘right hand’. We believe that a well trained Secretary is an invaluable asset to any manager and indeed the whole organisation. To that end, Mandel has put together a PA Excellence Master Class – “Managing” Without Tears!

The objectives of this workshop include:-

  1. Empowering – Personal Assistants/Secretaries to be leaders and decision makers
  2. Equipping – Personal Assistants/Secretaries with the knowledge, skills and attitudes which allow them to focus on achieving organisation success.
  3. Enhancing – the Secretary from being ‘just a secretary.’
  4. Motivating – and empowering Secretaries to think like Managers and to act in ways that validate their competency and win respect from others.
  5. Elevating – Secretaries to the next level in their profession, positioning them to function through the eyes of their Managers.


$1 100 Tuition, Lunches & Teas plus Laptop

$1 650 Tuition, Lunches & Teas, Laptop+ Full Board at Mandel


Five (5) Days


20 March 2017 (01 September 2017)


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