Sales Excellence Programme (SEP)

15 Days (5 Days/Month, Block Release)

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July 10, 2017
15 Days


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The Sales Excellence Programme (SEP) is a course designed to equip the sales representative with all the necessary skill to sell in the present day competitive environment. Gone are the ten wasted years, where the sales person was regarded as a rationing officer due to the fact that product was in short supply. Instead of selling product, the tendency was to distribute the available goods equally so that everyone managed to get something at least. The dollarization of the Zimbabwean economy, coupled with regionalization and globalization have made it necessary to realign the sales force to quickly adapt to the competitive environment.

SEP is a must for any organization that needs to sell any product to some customer. Most businesses, particularly those in Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) arena, need to appreciate that modern day business is determined by the volumes that are pushed out on a daily basis on a reasonable margin, as opposed to yester-year’s super profits on small volumes of business. In this regard, SEP in meant to equip today’s sales force with the necessary tact to convince an Eskimo to buy a block of ice in Iceland.


  • Grooming and Deportment
  • Time Management
  • Becoming a Market-led Organization
  • Sales Competency in Support of Strategy
  • Role of Trade Marketing
  • Role of Channel Development
  • Marketing and Brands
  • Individual Brand Presentations
  • The Consumer Landscape
  • Market Channels and Segments
  • The Rep Function
  • Key Accounts Management (off premise and on premise)
  • Merchandising
  • Product management
  • Promotions/Events Management
  • Policy Issues / Debtors Management
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Commercial Competence
  • The Profit Story
  • Commercial Arithmetic ( practical)
  • Sales Systems
  • Measuring Ourselves in the Trade
  • Individual Transformation
  • Performance Management
  • HIV and AIDS in the Workplace.


This programme is intended to be as practical as possible. Where forms are to be completed, these shall be supplied and completed to ensure that documentation concepts have been grasped. The programme will provide an opportunity for acquiring practical skills and competencies as well as giving time for reflection and debate in an informal atmosphere.  The learning process is deliberately diverse and includes –

  • Lectures, group work and case study discussions; market visits
  • At the end of the course participants are expected to write a test and submit a sales enhancement project before certification.


The expectations on Client Organisations are that-

  • They make available, information and other documents (like sales documents) which Mandel may ask for during course customisation.
  • They grant participants full leave to attend the course undisturbed (no recalls, no incessant phone calls!)
  • They timeously pay the Mandel fees as agreed and charged.



This programme shall be offered at Mandel Training Centre.

The formal delivery of the programme will be spread over a period of fifteen (15) training days – modular form, block release over 3 months.

The intention is to provide a period of time between study blocks for back-at-work reflection and consolidation.

Assignments and Tests

Upon completion of the training programme, participants are to write a project and certificates are issued to successful candidates.

Follow Ups

Mandel will conduct follow ups to check progress.

The follow up will also give Mandel the opportunity to chat with the Sales Manager on progress being made, and to ensure that the participants are adding greater value to the organisation after the training.


The total fees for the SEP is $1 125 per delegate, covering tuition, stationery, lunches and teas if the course is held at Mandel. The cost would be $825 per delegate if the course is conducted at the Client’s premises.


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