Workers Committee Training

2 Days

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July 24, 2017
Two (2) Days


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Programme Overview

Industrial harmony is key for a business to be productive and achieve its targets. In order for this to happen, management needs to make sure that they have an effective Worker Leadership body in place. Traditionally, Workers Committees were treated with suspicion because they were not trained on their roles. This led to some of them believing that their role is to act as the lawyers of those whom they represent and defend the accused at all costs should anything go wrong and there is a hearing. This has resulted in many lost man hours in endless disciplinary hearings over straight forward cases which under normal circumstances, should have taken about half an hour.

The Workers Committee Training (WCT) programme is designed to equip worker leadership with the necessary knowledge about their roles in the work place. They need to grasp the concept of a need for a balance between staff morale as well as productivity issues in the work place.

Course Objectives

This course aims to make the worker leaders;

  • Understand the history of Industrial Relations in Zimbabwe.
  • Appreciate the fundamental rights of the employees in the work place.
  • Understand the role of Workers Committee.
  • Define the role and operation of Works Council in the work place.
  • Be able to define fundamental rights of an employee.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of a Code of Conduct.
  • Understand and practice the principles of natural justice.
  • Appreciate the statutory instruments that govern them at work i.e. Labour Act 28:01 or SI15.

Course Duration

The course is done over 2 days of intensive learning.


The course costs $75 per participant per day if training is to be done at Mandel (including lunch and teas). If training is to be done at client’s premise, the charge excluding meals is $55 which includes tuition material and a certificate.

2017 Course Dates

First course 24-25 July 2017. Second course 22-23 January 2018.


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