Short Courses

Brand Building through Client Courtship

This module, a one day workshop designed for everyone who interacts with clients regularly, whether internally or externally, from managers, sales people, front office personnel, human resources practitioners etc. The main thrust of this workshop is to build organizational brands that communicate effectively with the customers, focusing on building long – lasting relationships with the customers.

After the workshop participants will have covered:

  • definition of a brand
  • how to build a brand at departmental and organizational levels.
  • how to build lasting relationships with customers using the organizational brand
  • building customer loyalty
  • improved quality service


Day One

Introductions and breaking the ice

Getting an understanding of brand building
Brand image of your organization

  • the positives
  • the negatives
  • possible action plan

Brand loyalty

  • differences with brand preference
  • differences with repeat purchases

Stages of brand loyalty

  • awareness
  • trial
  • preference
  • habit

Client courtship

  • definitions
  • client differentiation
  • share of heart
  • audience of one

How client courtship applies to the day to day work
Client courtship through communication

  • the actual words said
  • how the words are said
  • non – verbal communication

Benefits of client courtship

Action Plan



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