Our purpose is to passionately partner organizations in Southern Africa in improving their competitive performance by professionally providing Human Capability Development Solutions and Performance Consulting in a well-appointed environment.

We want to be the partner of choice in this chosen mission.

Core Values
We are committed to creating value for all our stakeholders by embracing the following core values:

Decent Work-

We attract, develop, excite and retain exceptional people
We provide decent jobs that allow for creativity and self-management
We insist on socially responsible employment policies and practices
Performance is what counts

Client Delight-

We passionately strive to meet Client needs and expectations in extraordinary ways
We do not tolerate complacency in all its forms
We build lasting relationships, based on trust
We meet high quality standards in our product offerings and service


Our goals will be achieved best through teamwork and not individualism
We are actively guided by our Mission, Vision, Core Values and Operating Philosophy in all we do
We foster trust and integrity in our internal relationships
We encourage camaraderie and a sense of fun at the workplace

Respect for the Mandel Brand-

Our reputation relies on the actions and statements of every employee
We build our reputation for the long term
We are fair and ethical in all our dealings
We endeavour to conduct our business in an environmentally sustainable manner
We are a partner in social corporate responsibility programmes

Continuous Improvement-

We innovate and lead in a world of changing Client needs
We maintain the discipline of measuring performance and using the results to continuously improve our busines
We encourage the generation of new ideas to improve all aspects of our business
We seek and act on Client feedback

Operating Philosophy

Touching the lives of all stakeholders by striving to exceed their expectations.