Essential Report Writing Skills for Managers

Essential Report Writing Skills for Managers


Communication plays a pivotal role in the day to day running of any business. As such, it needs to be properly managed as it has the power to either make or break business contacts.

(Charles, 1998) considers communication as the heart of business and the most important of all entrepreneurial skills. The destiny of business depends on the quality of communication. The ability to transmit information helps both clients and employees feel they can communicate with and ultimately trust each other.

This two-day workshop enhances the participants’ ability to inculcate good communication culture, at the same time taking note of the barriers that affect communication.

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Report Writing plays a very important role in the professional life of any manager, yet many a manager lack the skills to write captivating reports that meet the expectations of their superiors. Failure to write reports in the right style, language and detail can result in frustration, wastage of time and resources, and failure to achieve organisational goals and objectives. Poor reports block the smooth flow of critical business management information.

At a personal level, the ability to produce good reports can boost self-esteem as it is not only a manifestation of expertise in communication, but is most often taken as a sign of the writer’s clarity of mind and general intelligence.


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