Graduate Development Programme

Organizations embark on Graduate Internships to ensure that they fill up their Leadership pipe- lines. This is very essential as it gives the Graduate Learner time to appreciate industrial life and at the same time adding value to the business concerned.  It also gives the organization an opportunity to entrench their culture into the individuals concerned through a programmed approach. In so doing organizations have the opportunity to engrave their values into future business leaders who can take the organization to a higher level in future if career management programs are handled properly.


The program has to be devised internally by organizations and this will ensure that there is clarity as to the roles and responsibilities of the players in this whole internship program.


The post-hyperinflation era in Zimbabwe, against the background of a multi-currency environment and a liberalized economy, has seen cut-throat competition from the region and beyond, thereby making the need for Leadership Pipeline filling at Graduate Learner Level imperative.