Supervisory Development Programme

In recent years, concern has been expressed about the absence of training programmes that address the broad needs of supervisors.  In the majority of cases people appointed to supervisory positions would be technically qualified.  Such supervisors, however, would ordinarily lack the requisite supervisory/management knowledge and skills.  It is this gap that the programme will be addressing.


The SDP provides a systematic programme of management education and development for supervisors that is aimed at improving their work performance. The idea being to equip supervisors with skills so that, as first line managers in the organisation, they are able to: –


  1. Communicate effectively and clearly with all concerned in the workplace.
  2. Make use of the various management and leadership theories and best practices.
  3. Demonstrate an appreciation and understanding of basic finance and economics.

Manage people, and generally handle the personnel function and industrial relations in a professional and informed manner