Management Development Programme

Effective leadership at Executive level is the single most important factor that contributes to competitive performance.  Executives face a multitude of challenges in their day to day roles and have a key impact on the achievement of the organization’s stated objectives.  Management and leadership skills and competencies are expected to be extensive and deep at this level to capacitate the Executive in leading the organization through uncertainty and change along a turbulent terrain.


Cross-functional management is the entry point for Executives in today’s fast moving business environment, requiring an in-depth understanding of the essentials of strategic awareness, operations, marketing, supply chain management, finance, information management, strategic performance management, transformational leadership, corporate governance and project management.


Integrating all these components and dealing with complex and diverse challenges is the core focus of an Executive’s role.


The post-hyperinflation era in Zimbabwe, against the background of a multi-currency environment and a liberalized economy, has seen cut-throat competition from the region and beyond thereby making the need for capability building at Executive level even more acute.